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Chuck a Puck Game Registration


Welcome to the Chuck a Puck Game Registration with Falcons Youth Hockey!

Hello Falcon Families!


Welcome back to AF Falcons Hockey and Chuck A Puck for the 2019/2020 season!    We have some great games on our schedule but we need your help to make it a success.  Our games are as follows:

10/19/2019 vs. Arizona State at 7:05pm - Bantams

11/08/2019 vs. Bentley at 7:05pm – Peewees

02/01/2020 vs. Sacred Heart at 5:05pm – Mites and Squirts

02/22/2020 vs. Mercyhurst at 5:05pm – Midgets

We will have 9 tickets available for volunteers at each game.  We will send out an email reminder about a week before the game and you can go to the website to sign up for a spot.

Here is a rundown of how things work during the game.  First, please remember to get all decked out in your AF hockey gear.  Players, please wear your team jersey so that you stand out and your patrons can see who they are supporting by purchasing the Chuck a Pucks.  Please arrive about 15-20 mins before the doors open and let the ushers know that you are here for Chuck a Puck.  If you are a parent and you need to purchase your ticket, please remember to tell them that you are with Chuck a Puck and you will receive a discounted ticket.  Please let me know if you do purchase a discounted ticket because we get a kickback for that and I want to be able to have as accurate of a number as possible. 

Once you make it in, head over towards the basketball side and you will see our table.  I will get you a bucket of pucks, an envelope for money, and a clipboard.  As you are walking around the rink with your big smiles on, please let people know that the pucks are only $1 each and half of the proceeds go to our hockey club to help with tournament fees and ice time, etc.  Now this is a biggie…if someone want to donate money to our club, THEY CAN!!  Please put any donation money in a separate envelope!  We don’t share that money with the Academy.  You will sell from the time the doors open to the start of the first period.  Then return your bucket, clipboard, and envelope to me at the table and you can go watch the game.  With about 5 mins left in the first period, please return to the Chuck a Puck table for another round of selling between the first and second period.  Then again, as the second period starts, bring all of your stuff back to me at the table and you can go watch the second period. 

Here’s where it gets fun, with about 5 mins left in the second period, please come back to the table and we will be taken down by the zamboni doors to get ready to go on the ice to retrieve those pucks.  You need to remember to be on your best behavior, no ruff housing while we are waiting to go on.  The AF staff will go out and place the mats on the ice and we will line up along the boards while everyone starts throwing their pucks.  They will give us the word and when all the throwing is done we can walk out and start picking them all up.  Then….YOU’RE DONE!!!  You can enjoy the last period of the game and feel super awesome, excellent and fantastic about helping raise some much needed money for our hockey club!! 

I look forward to seeing you all soon to cheer on Air Force and sell some pucks!

Dawnna Douglass

Chuck a Puck Coordinator




Please direct questions to:

Dawnna Douglass